Benefits of Wooden Toys Over Plastic Surroundings


Wooden toys have been adored for hundreds of years. They’re the tried and true choices for children when it comes to toys. The quality and craftsmanship that goes into a toy to make it something that can withstand repeated plays. They’ve outlasted every other toy in history and are still going strong today. When you buy wooden toys, you’re buying something sturdy and durable that will last through decades of rough use. Here are a few reasons why they will always be better than their molded brothers:

Durability. One of the best advantages about wooden toys is they’re practically indestructible. They don’t break easily and blocks can be easily replaced. In fact, this is probably one of the main reasons that kids still love wooden blocks: because they’re so strong and sturdy. So let us take the big leap to plastic-free blocks and embrace classics like building blocks, wooden cars, and wooden boats instead of the low-cost, lightweight, and flimsy plastic ones!

Durability. Another reason wooden toys are so durable is they are completely, totally kid friendly. They are made out of what nature intended them to be made from. There aren’t any toxic chemicals or toxic materials used in the crafting of these materials. This means that even when they get wet they can dry up quickly and remain sturdy.

It’s Made From Wood. Contrary to popular belief, this kind of material is actually the byproduct of Mother Nature herself. Wood is incredibly hardy and can withstand the harshest elements of nature. Therefore, wooden toys can stand up against storms, snowstorms, even boiling water. This is because they’re built using a framework of untreated hardwood that doesn’t shatter into splinters as easily as other materials. This makes wooden toys ideal for outdoor play and long, lazy days in the park.

Fun For Everyone. If anything, wooden toys are designed with the utmost consideration for children. This is why it’s so easy to find wooden puzzles, board games, cars, and boats for young kids. Because they’re not flimsy and don’t break easily, there is no end to the different kinds of puzzles, games, or toys you can buy to keep your little one entertained.

The Best Choice for the Environment. While it’s true that you’re more likely to find wooden toys at your local big box store or mass merchandiser, they’re probably not as sustainable as those that are crafted from wood. For one, there’s no certification of sustainable manufacturing when it comes to wooden blocks or puzzle pieces. Therefore, anyone that chooses to purchase wooden toys at the local big box store is unknowingly contributing to deforestation. On top of that, wood is a natural product which means that it’s going to get damaged over time from exposure to pests and insects. When these critters are trapped inside the wooden blocks they create an eco-hazard.

Solid Wood Constructs Better Than Soft Parts. A popular argument that I hear parents make when they’re buying wooden toys for their children is that it’s better to buy a solid wood toy vs. a soft toy. This isn’t really just a semantic debate; it has real-world results because toys made of solid wood are typically much stronger than toys made from softwood or PVC plastic.

Looks Good Everywhere. Another reason that wooden toys are better for the environment than their plastic counterparts is that they’re sturdy. Plastic toys have become less durable and more prone to breaking when they get wet or exposed to humidity and heat. Because they’re stronger, wooden toys will stand up to any weather conditions. In fact, some brands have been used in desert areas for centuries because they can withstand extreme heat. That’s why they remain one of the most popular outdoor playthings for families.