Flower Market Auckland

If you love flowers, then you’ll love the flower market Auckland that takes over Viaduct Harbour every Sunday from 8am – noon for the next three months. The market will feature a range of plants and flowers, food and live music.

But the main reason to go is to shop for seasonal fresh flowers. We teamed up with the NZ Flower Growers Association and United Flower Growers to create this guide to help you choose the right flowers for your occasion.

The Botanist

The Botanist, distilled on the Isle of Islay by Bruichladdich Master Distiller Jim McEwan, is a unique gin with 22 local botanicals harvested from the surrounding hills and valleys of its distillery. Its core flavour is juniper, but with hints of lemon and floral notes.

The gin is best enjoyed in its original form without ice, to showcase the delicate floral and herbal undertones which are characteristic of this gin’s forage-forward character. It’s also a perfect partner to a well-made gin and tonic, or any classic cocktail like the Gimlet or Gin Rickey.

In a bid to celebrate New Zealand flowers, the National Flower Promotion Group has commissioned five top florists to create floral installations using one species of locally grown flower during New Zealand Flowers Week, 21-27 November 2016. Jo Mann from Auckland’s Wild Bunch will dress each dog with a bespoke flower crown or collar made from peonies, while Eden Hessel from The Botanist will construct a subtropical floral throne from New Zealand rose varieties.

The Language of Flowers

When you step into the flower market in Auckland, the commotion is almost psychedelic. The smell of jasmine, the sounds of wholesalers and middlemen haggling over daily rates, and the sight of flowers of all colors being unloaded by boxes are awe-inspiring.

The Victorians used flowers to express emotions: honeysuckle for devotion, azaleas for passion, and red roses for love. For damaged young woman Victoria Jones, flowers and their meanings have become her only connection to the world.

Cunningly, a system of “Floriography” was devised in which secret messages could be passed from one person to another using the meanings of flowers. Messages of love, rejection and hate were coded into gifts of blooms or floral arrangements, expressing feelings that were considered socially taboo in Victorian society.

Flower and Thorn

The flower market is an important part of Auckland’s economic life. Its success is the result of the hard work and skill of growers, suppliers, florists, horticulturists, traders, and others.

The flower trade provides jobs for thousands of people in the region. It supports a diverse range of industries, including those in manufacturing, food, wine and tourism.

But there are also many other benefits to this industry, ranging from preserving biodiversity to enriching soils for other plants. Some flowers – such as the Matagouri (Pyramus salignus) – have special micro-organisms that can ‘fix nitrogen’, allowing them to survive in nutrient-poor habitats.

Thornapple is an annual weed found extensively throughout New Zealand. It is a foul-smelling plant with upright, stout stems and green leaves. The trumpet-shaped flowers appear in November to April, and the fruit is an egg-shaped capsule with spiky spines.


Floralink is an online flower shop that has a wide range of floral products to choose from. They also provide free delivery to most areas of Auckland.

The New Zealand flower market has undergone some tumultuous times in recent years, but a local designed and built remote auction digital platform has made it through the tumult to become one of the most popular platforms for buying and selling flowers in the country.

Using an algorithm to select the most suitable and appealing products, the website features a wide selection of seasonal blooms from all over the country. The site is a breeze to navigate, and you can buy flowers in a variety of price ranges. The website is a great resource for any flower lover, from those just starting out in the industry to seasoned experts.

Brooklyn Flowers

Brooklyn Flowers is your go-to flower shop in Auckland. They offer a wide range of beautiful bouquets, posies and corporate floral arrangements.

Whether you need to send some flowers to a friend or family member, you can trust Brooklyn to provide a high-quality product and service that will exceed your expectations. They also make sure that your order will be delivered on time and in perfect condition.

They have a great selection of flowers including roses, orchids and carnations. Their florists are experienced and can create a variety of designs for any occasion.

Among the best flower delivery services in Auckland, Bouqo brings the human touch of the in-store experience to their online ordering system. They’ll give you a few questions to help them get the right flower arrangement for your needs and then deliver it straight to your door.