Leather Recolouring – Give Your Leather Furniture a Fresh Look

Leather recolouring is an easy way to make your leather furniture look as good as new. It helps cover up blemishes caused by sun exposure, dirt, and stains and gives your leather a new lease of life!

Leather recolouring can be done with a variety of products and takes a lot of skill to produce a quality result. It is not a DIY project, and should only be undertaken by experienced professionals.


Leather recolouring can give your leather furniture a new lease of life. It covers up blemishes such as sun exposure, dirt, and stains to give your leather goods a fresh new look.

When deciding on the colour of your leather, it’s important to choose a shade that’s matched to your decor. Choosing the wrong color can make your piece seem out of place, and you won’t enjoy it as much.

Another consideration when it comes to the color of your leather is what type of finish it has. There are two different types of finishes available for leather, including paint and dye.

Paint pigments are sprayed over the surface of tanned leather and then covered with a clear coat. The coating is protective and stretches with the leather, resisting fading, water, and wear.


Leather recolouring can change the appearance of your leather. It can make an older piece look like it has been well loved and used over time or can help to give a new leather item a worn and distressed appearance.

There are many different types of texture that can be applied to leather. These include embossed, grunge and natural textures.

Grunge is a popular leather texture that can be created by scarring, brand marks or uneven colours and grain. This type of appearance is not ideal for everyone but can be a good way to enhance the beauty of your leather.

Nubuck and Suede are two other popular leather textures that can be sanded down to produce a very soft and fuzzy finish. They can be difficult to care for and may need specialized products.

If you want to change the colour of your leather, you can use a dye or a colorant. Dyes and finishes can be a little more expensive than Latex but they are very versatile and work much better than paints.


Leather is a very popular material for upholstery and clothing but it can be prone to wear and tear over time. This can lead to faded colours, dry skin and cracks.

Luckily, there are products available to help you restore your leather and keep it looking good for a long time. This includes recolouring products, refinishing products and repair kits.

Recolouring is the process of putting a new colour coat on an existing leather item. Traditionally, this is done at tanneries but DIY recolouring can provide the same professional results for less cost.

To recolour, you can use one of the many coloured leather dyes on the market. Just choose a shade that is similar to your original colour and apply a thin coat. Let it dry for two minutes using a hairdryer and then blend with several coats as needed.


Leather recolouring is not an easy process and requires special products that are designed to give you quality results. It is not a home DIY project and should be completed in a specific order to ensure correct preparation, even application and quality sealing.

Using the right type of product can dramatically improve the look and appearance of your leather furniture and accessories, allowing you to create the design that you want. It also helps protect your furniture and reduces the chances of it wearing away or fading due to UV exposure.

Leather dyes are available in alcohol, oil and water based solutions. They can be applied by a dauber or airbrush to provide an even coat of color to your leather.