Pelican Protector Cases

Sensitive equipment needs protection, and since 1976 Pelican cases have been the answer. Tried and tested in the harshest environments on Earth, their toughness is legendary.

The Protector, Storm and Air case series use honeycomb structural elements that reduce the amount of structural plastic, resulting in lighter cases. All cases are waterproof, dustproof and crushproof.


Designed to keep gear dry and dust-free, Pelican cases are equipped with tight-sealing neoprene O-rings that seal the case and a pressure equalization valve. Floating and easy to open at any altitude, these cases are also made of chemical-resistant polypropylene copolymer.

Large Pelican Protector Cases protect bulky or valuable equipment from impact damage and changes in atmospheric pressure. Available in the Storm, Vault and Air case lines, these cases feature a selection of inserts and colors to customize the interior space for your equipment.

The largest case fits two full-size DSLR cameras and lenses, a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, three additional lenses, and accessories such as batteries, flash triggers, and filters. The cases also come with layers of customizable pluckable foam, allowing you to easily tailor the interior space for your specific gear. The latches are designed to withstand the force of multiple impacts, and the cases have been drop tested to DEF-STAN 81-41 standards. Most large Pelican cases also have transport wheels and a retractable extension trolley handle to make hauling them easier.


Pelican cases keep equipment and important documents free from dust, bugs and other messes. Many of them also have a barometric pressure relief valve to protect against changes in atmospheric pressure. Some of the larger cases also feature recessed double-throw latches that have been dropped from over 1.8 meters in military tests to make sure they stay closed.

Pelican case sizes range from small to large, making it easy to find one that’s the right fit for your gear. Some of them include rugged in-line wheels and select cases have telescoping handles for easier transportation.

While the difference in aesthetics between the Protector, Storm and Air cases is a matter of preference, they all provide excellent protection for your valuables. The Protector’s polypropylene shell is stronger than the HPX resin bodies of the Storm and Air cases, but it’s also heavier. This makes the latter two case lines slightly more prone to scuffs and scratches, but they’re still just as strong and come with the same lifetime warranty.


Protect your equipment on the go with rugged Pelican cases. These hard protective cases are crushproof and can withstand the harshest environments. With an automatic purge valve that equalizes air pressure, a watertight silicone O-ring lid, over-molded rubber handles and stainless steel hardware, Pelican cases are built to last.

Whether you are transporting sensitive proprietary equipment for law enforcement or military personnel, or priceless memories and documentation, these durable cases will keep your gear safe in harsh conditions. Some of the cases feature a barometric relief valve that prevents damage due to changes in atmospheric pressure.

Other Pelican cases feature zippered mesh pockets for cables and other accessories, see-through closures so you can easily locate your gear, or Interchangeable foam insert sets that let you customize the case to fit your equipment. Some cases also have recessed press and pull latches, padlockable hasps and stainless steel hardware to secure your equipment further. For ease of transportation, select cases have wheels and telescoping handles.


You’ve spent a ton of cash on a rifle and optics, so don’t trust it to some cheap, second-rate case. Whether you’re hauling it across the country for your dream hunt or lugging it around the office, protect it with a Pelican case.

These cases are designed rugged to handle the harshest environments on earth. They’re made in the USA and feature an automatic purge valve that equalizes air pressure, a watertight silicone O-ring lid, over-molded rubber handles and stainless steel hardware.

The patented latch design is simple and strong, and locks shut with a reassuring snap. The pick-n-pluck foam interior is easily customized to fit equipment of any size, and some models include stainless steel hasps for padlocks to secure firearms or valuables. Allcases carries several small-size models that meet airline carry-on and checked baggage regulations. They use honeycomb structural elements to reduce the amount of structural plastic, while retaining Pelican’s legendary standards of strength.